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Unique Finishing Course for SAP/ERP Training Graduates  



Summary:  The best technical training on ERP is insufficient for the ERP consultants. To be a successful ERP consultant, you need to understand the people dynamics of ERP implementation as much as technology. This seminar provides an all round finishing skill to excel as a ERP consultant and ensure success of ERP implementation.






There are several authorized SAP and Oracle Education Centers providing quality technical training. But the best technical training on SAP/ Orac;e ERP is insufficient for the ERP consultants. To be a successful ERP consultant, you need to understand the people dynamics of ERP implementation as much as technology. They need to be trained  to face the real life heat of social and political pressures of ERP implementations in corporates.


Prem Kamble, having been a CIO for  over 25 years in various types of companies with diverse organizational cultures has seen IT Transitions. He has studied the people and organizational dynamics very closely and identified the real skills required to ensure the success of ERP implementation. Since he was the first to identify this unique skill, Prem Kamble had to give it a name – he calls it “Behavioral IT™” Skill. According to Prem, Managers do not need to know IT, they only need to know Behavioral IT to succeed in this IT Driven corporate world. At the same time this skill is required by all parties involved in ERP implementation from ERP Consultant to IT folks, CEOs, CXOs, HoDs and functional managers.


Prem’s seminar, specially designed for SAP Graduates based on his unique Behavioral IT Model of IT Transformation, completes the void that is there in today’s ERP trainings so that the ERP consultants produced are industry ready and job ready. It focuses not only on the technical part of ERP implementation, but on the complete transformation to the IT system, which involves plenty of socio political and human considerations apart from technical considerations. The seminar covers what you can never find in books. It is based on real practical experience with people, processes, technology and real transitions involving all three.


When the best ERP packages implemented by the best global consultants fail 70-80% of the time, it has to be something other than the technical issues which cause this failure. Obviously, most of the time it is the people and change management issues which cause failure. The students will learn how to   manage these issues and avoid the pitfalls.


This document presents the contents of the training, the commercials and the terms of understanding between Prem Kamble and ABC Co..




Benefit for Students


1.    Students will get to know the real corporate culture and the total technical, cultural and organizational forces at play during ERP implementation.

2.      They will learn about the dynamics of ERP Driven Change and also the politics of organizational change.

3.      Students will get an all round finishing skill to excel as a ERP consultant and ensure success of ERP implementation.

4.     They will learn the major real life pitfalls of ERP transitions right from system study to complete transition, and how to avoid them.

5.     They will be more aware of the non technical people and managerial issues responsible for failure. They will learn how to avoid these causes of failure.

6.     The students will become industry ready and people ready.

7.     Students will be equipped with the right skills to ensure not only an effective design of the solution but a successful and effective transition.




Benefits for the Training Institutes



1.     The institute can provide a unique combination of technical and managerial skill as a complete package for a SAP consultants.

2.     It can boast of a course which makes the students industry ready.

3.     It can have a USP of imparting a unique trademarked skill of Behavioral IT™.




Seminar Contents


The following content can be covered in a seminar of minimum 3-4 days. Shorter seminars from half day to 3 days can be offered with fewer modules.



Module 1:  Skills


Soft and Hard Skills for Consultants, Team Leaders and Managers


This section covers the Technical, Social, Psychological and Managerial qualities required by SAP Consultants.


What is Behavioral IT™ Skill. Why is it so important for all managers involved in ERP implementation




Module 2:  Practical Tips for an Effective Study and Mapping



Effective Process Study and Need for Business Process Reengineering


This section covers the key skills required for an effective study of "As-Is" process and a good conceptualization of "To-Be" process. "Keep it Simple" is the mantra, which can be achieved by re-engineering the processes. This section will also cover the basics of Business Process Re-engineering, its need and benefits.



Effective Mapping Processes to SAP – The Trick Lies Here


Mapping Process is the most important process for the ERP experts and the basis of a good implementation. This section covers how re-engineering can lead to good mapping and other skills required for an effective mapping of processes.



Customisation – The Perils


To Customise or not to customise is the greatest debate in most implementations. This section covers the pressures to customise, the perils of customization and how to minimise customization. This is another factor in the technical steps which is extremely crucial to the success of the implementation. How to counter the pressure of customization will be covered under Strategies section.



Key to Effective Brain Storming Sessions


This is an optional section to cover the basics of brain storming. Good brainstorming of ideas can lead to better BPR and mapping.




Module 3:    Behavioral IT™ - The Unique Skill


Challenges – Technical, Social, Managerial


This section covers the different practical challenges faced by the consultants and managers during implementation. Challenges could be due to client attitudes, quality of team members, senior management, and typical resistance to change. Challenges during and after implementation are discussed.



Organisation Structure and Authority


This section discusses how a study of organization structures, authority structures and people traits can be useful to overcome some of the challenges



Strategies for Success – Best Practices


This section discusses the strategies and best practices during each step of the project – Study, Mapping, Trail runs, go-live and support. It discusses the technical, change-management and cultural issues, and the strategies to deal with them.




Module 4:    Cases


Real Life Stories /Situations.


This section covers real life cases and stories illustrating different stages, challenges and strategies discussed above.




What is Unique about this Seminar

  1. This is a soft skill training. But not the general soft skill which everyone covers
  2. This is tailored by an IT Professional with specific relevance to real life ground realities of ERP implementations
  3. Based on Prem Kamble’s trademark Behavioral IT methodology of IT Transformation
  4. Unique analysis of Problems of IT Driven change not available in any book anywhere in the world
  5. Not covered by any Change management seminar
  6. Unique Copyrighted material based on real life insight of IT transformations in industry.
  7. No Bibliography




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