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by Prem Kamble

God in Two Minutes

Read about this in Chapter 3, Section 4 of the book... You may click on the link or read the extracts reproduced below.

Chapter 3   Physical Science and Mental/Spiritual Science

4.       Post Mentomatics Era - God in Two Minutes

Once Mentomatics is developed, we will discover the laws of mental space as clearly as we know the laws of physical space. We will be able to measure the mental forces. We will be able to precisely indicate where we stand in the mental space by exactly specifying our coordinates in that space. We will know the coordinates of the Godly zones. With the language of Mentomatics,  we will be able to quantify the mental forces required to move from the current position in the mental space to the Godly zones.

Just as we can check physical health now, see germs and detect infection, we may be able to measure even mental health. It will be possible to measure the level of confidence, faith, despair, hatred, frustration of the mind. Someday, we may be able to chemically or biologically explain what causes these different emotions and feelings, what thoughts in the brain cause these feelings, resulting in a particular state of mind.

I believe that there will be a completely new science and a new language, which I call Mentomatics, that will explain the laws of mental space and unfold the spiritual laws of the universe 

We may then be able to know which are the high energy points in the mental space and how to consciously reach those points. With Mentomatics, we may be able to know the energy associated with different points in the Mental Space and correlate accurately with the exact measure of various feelings. We may be able to specify how much of faith, hope, etc. will result in what measure of mental energy. We may know what mental forces to apply to move from low energy points to high energy points (Fig. 3.4). Which means that each one of us will have access to what we today call the supernatural powers. You may have tools and techniques to reach the Godly zones within minutes. Welcome to the "God-in-two-minutes" phenomenon!

I believe that a time will come when you would have a mentomatical method to reach high-energy state within minutes or even seconds. We will be able to measure our spiritual energy and even predict the reaction of several interacting mental forces. Man will then discover his mental powers. 



  Fig. 3.4: Mentomatics may quantify the Mental Force to be applied to move from L to H


5.       Post Mentomatics Era Sounds Unbelievable?

The post-mentomatics picture of the world and all this discussion on mental powers sound ridiculous, right? But so would TV, radio, pistol, aircraft and computers (which are miracles of mathematical science) be unbelievable to an ape man.

Just a few years back, man was ignorant of the physical world. Physical phenomena too were a mystery. They were in the realm of fate and chance. A few thousand years back, man looked at several physical effects as if they were miracles. Man could only see the effects of physical forces but could not explain them in the normal spoken language. In the pre-mathematics era, eclipses were thought of as evils, the aurora lights were considered to be Gods. Today, there is no mystery behind these events. There were attempts in the past to explain the physical phenomena but they could only inaccurately or partially be explained without mathematics and physics.

Now there have been major breakthroughs in his study of the physical laws.

With his discovery of the forces of gravity, man has discovered the laws of the universe. Now man can launch a rocket against gravity and put a satellite in orbit. He also knows what forces are required to leave earth’s gravity and reach the moon.

A time will come when you would have a mentomatical method to reach high-energy state within minutes or even seconds

The discovery of light and electromagnetic waves as energy has led to the invention of radio and television. It has made face to face communication possible, not only across the globe but in space too. Man has developed Laser beam that can crack a stone in the kidney without any surgery. Man’s study of aerodynamics has led to the invention of the aircraft. Man’s latest invention of the computer has put him in a different world altogether and allowed him to achieve the impossible.

If we were to enumerate the developments of physics to the aboriginal man, don't you think that they would sound like miracles to him? He would look at them as supernatural powers.

I will urge you, dear reader, to actually do this little exercise which is based on what I call “the Time Swing Method”. The method involves swinging back in time in your imagination, coming back to the present, and then taking a flight of imagination into the future. So you swing back and forth in time.

To begin the exercise, sit down comfortably, close your eyes and then imagine yourself in the pre-Mathematics era. Just recreate the situation in your mind with all details and imagine that you are a stone age man of centuries ago and that you are completely unaware of science. Once you are mentally in that era, think of the inventions of today. Imagine that your friend sitting next to you tells  you stories involving inventions of today - a man flying in aircraft, a man killing another from a distance without even touching him (with a pistol, of course), or viewing events occurring across the globe live on a television. Would you not reject the ideas outright as ridiculous and insane? Yes, you would.

Now having vividly imagined yourself in that situation, come back in time to today. After letting yourself be in the present for a few moments, now take a flight of imagination into the mentomatical future. You can now let your imagination run riot to see the possibilities of tomorrow when the laws of spiritual space will be explained with mentomatics. The miracles of post mentomatical era will seem impossible to you today just as the inventions of today sounded almost impossible and unimaginable when you were the Stone Age man in your imagination. Just as the impossible has become possible today, what sounds impossible today may become possible in the future.

I am sure the cynics will still ask, "How can the world survive if every human being has what we today call supernatural powers?" My answer is simple - go back some thousand years in the history of mankind, (Time Swing method again!) imagine yourself there and look at the powers that science has given to you today (both constructive and destructive). The powers you have today (thanks to science and mathematics) are certainly supernatural by those standards but the world has still survived and will go on.

All man's inventions do create some problems and then he makes legislation and rules to overcome the tricky situations created by his inventions. For instance, the vehicles came first and then the traffic rules. Man first created test tube babies and surrogate mothers, and now he is trying to decide who should have the parental rights in case the couple divorce each other before conception or delivery.

Similarly the discovery of mental powers will give birth to its own complications. Today we feel that they will destroy the world. When atomic energy was discovered and used on Hiroshima, nobody would have thought that the world would survive the number of years that it has survived. The mentomatical era, which will give supernatural powers to human beings will also create its own complications, but man will find his way to govern and to survive. 

Read about this in Chapter 3, Section 4 of the book..

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