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Blog on God and Religion
by Prem Kamble

God and Religion – A Psychotherapeutic Method


Read how God and Religion could actually be a psychotherapeutic method in Chapter 4 Section 4 of the book. Please click on this link or see the section reproduced below:  


God and Religion – A Psycho Therapy

In Chapter 5, we saw that Religion had its origin initially as rules of behaviour, and later as imaginary tales of gods which were meant to move you closer to the godly zones. Religion became the vehicle which led you to the Godly zones. Religion was a means to explain spirituality to the ignorant people of ancient times.

While religion was nothing but a code of conduct, the concept of God was a psychotherapeutic method to reach the godly zones. Religion used tales of God to educate the common man. It adopted the concept of god to ensure compliance of the code of conduct. Religion itself became a very strong supplement to this psychotherapeutic method for reaching the Godly zones. 

Concept of God and Religion is a psycho-therapeutic method that helps us to reach the Godly zones, to reach a state of mind with positive feelings and very high energy

Religion and the concept of god thus became firmly interlinked though they had nothing in common. They were complementing each other. The rules of positive thinking and behaviour, which helped you move closer to the godly zones, became a part of religion. These rules themselves were mainly told through the tales of Gods and Goddesses, or as “words of God”.

Creating a faith in God is a very integral component of this psychotherapeutic method. Religion has played an important part in increasing your faith in God. Religion preaches the concept of God and makes you believe that there is a God who is a supreme being, who loves you and cares for you. Thus religion creates more positive feelings, which, as we saw before (Refer Fig. 4.9: How the Present Method of God and Religion Works), helps you move closer to the Godly zones. This psychotherapeutic method uses the concept of God and religion effectively to change your energy state. It moves you to higher mental state and higher mental energy and helps you to achieve your goals.

So what is the method of God and religion? It is a psychotherapeutic method. And what is the objective or goal? The goal is to reach the Godly zones, to reach a state of mind which corresponds to very high energy and positive feelings.


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