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Tips and Tricks for Managers to Save Time and Do More in MS Word and PowerPoint                                               Home   

Most of the top managers use the PC mainly for creation of documents or presentations, apart from using the PC for reading and sending mails. Every Managerís time is precious and the less time he spends on MS Word and Powerpoint to complete his job, the more he can use for other fruitful activities. This would mean a straight saving in money for the company if the managers can save time on such routine activities. The manager himself does not realize how much he can gain if he knows the tips and tricks of saving time while using these packages.


This seminar contributes directly to reducing managerís fatigue and improving his efficiency by providing little known tips and tricks on MS Word and Powerpoint. The speaker, being a senior manager himself, understands what exactly managers need to use these tools for and hence specially focuses on what the managers need to know to save time for their routine activities on Word and Powerpoint. It also shows how certain jobs which seem impossible on Word can be done simply and effe                ctively.