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Article in New Indian Express

Author interview in New Indian Express

Article in Times of India

Article "Bringing in Computers" based on real case study

Cover Article in Computers Today

Cover Story on my successful computerization

My Book in Amazon

Download Link God in Two Minutes

My book "God in Two Minutes" at Amazon Book Shop

My Author's Page at Amazon

Author's Page at Amazon


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My Articles at

See My profile, articles and blogs at site.

Prem at

My Article at Religious




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Bridging the Divide

Bridging the Religious and Digital Divide



Our minds are conditioned by the past. There is need to de-condition our minds.


My Book "God in Two Minutes"

Site for my book


I Don't Know

If only man could say "I don't know", the world would have been better.


Living in the Past Syndrome  

Most of the time we live in the past


Re-engineerng Religion

There is need to re-engineer religion, the way we reengineer


Spread Love Not Hatred

Religions are spreading hatred, not love.


Think of the Unthinkable

We need to be able to think of the unthinkable to be able to imagine out future world.


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My Beliefs on God & Religion



My Views on Religion and Spirituality



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