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Blog on God and Religion
by Prem Kamble

Spiritual Revolution – the Next Big Revolution  

You can read on this topic at Chapter 11 Section 1 of the book by clicking on this link or read the extracts reproduced below:


Chapter 11    CONCLUSION

1.       Summary

To summarize our discussions so far, religion was devised by learned sages of the past as a set of rules for good and hygienic behaviour for the ignorant masses. The present day religion is in a highly distorted form as the teachings got transmitted from generations to generations.

After the Industrial and Information Revolutions, it is the turn of the Spiritual Revolution. There will be methods available for instant spirituality or "spirituality-in-two-minutes"

The concept of God too was devised by some 'enlightened' men as a first toddler step towards spirituality. Religion and the concept of God, though having independent origin, got so much inter-related and inter dependent that the two together now form the common man's psychotherapeutic tool to spirituality. The method, however, is good for initiation into spirituality and needs to be set aside for taking further advanced steps into spirituality. Spirituality is the goal, religion as commonly practised is only a method, that too a primitive, outdated and distorted method.

I am confident that the spiritual phenomena will be explained in future, not necessarily by physical science and mathematics, but perhaps by new fields of study  which I have called spiritual science and mentomatics. Spiritual science will develop advanced 'mentomatical’ explanations for the spiritual phenomenon and will provide easy tools for the common man to attain spirituality. There will be methods available for "spirituality-in-two-minutes" or instant spirituality. Sounds stupid? So would thoughts of television and aircraft sound stupid to an ape man. And we are no more than ape men in the realm of spiritual world. I believe that after the information revolution, it is the turn of spiritual revolution.

Religion and religious books will be available in museums as antiques. Religion and religious methods will be remembered as the "bullock-cart methods to reach spirituality", as man would have developed jet age methods to do so. With eyes of disbelief, man will look back to see how religion had closed his mind and led him to hatred and killing.

People will learn how foolish it was to believe that there were different Gods, different religions and beliefs. Today we laugh at the old ways through which man had explained the physical phenomena with imaginary stories (e.g. according to an old belief, lunar eclipse occurs because demons bite into the moon!). Man will laugh at his religious folly when the spiritual science is developed and spiritual phenomena of the universe explained.


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