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by Prem Kamble

Will the Human Race Survive Another 100 Years?

- My Response to a Query by Stephen Hawkins, renowned Physicist



Dr. Stephen Hawking, world renowned physicist, had posted the following question in Yahoo Answers:

“In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?”

Here is my response and the reader responses to my post. You can see the question and answers at

 --- In, "Prem Kamble" <pukamble@ wrote:

Dear Dr Hawking,

You have hoped that genetic engineering will make us wise and less aggressive. I do believe we will become wiser and less aggressive, not because of genetic engineering, but because of the next revolution which is awaiting us – the spiritual revolution. After the industrial revolution and the information revolution, the next revolution WILL be the spiritual revolution. Whereas the industrial revolution enhanced our muscle power, and the information revolution the brain power, the spiritual revolution will touch our minds and spirits. And everyone will be much more spiritually evolved than we are – and that will result in the future generation being wiser and less aggressive. The hatred and violence will end and love pervade. The world will survive not just another 100 years, but millions of years. My article “God and Religion – A New Look” takes a peek into the future by analyzing the past and extrapolating into the future possibilities. This article is not religious, not science or philosophy, but plain common sense.

I do not believe that the concept of God and Religion will bring about the spiritual revolution. It is only making the world worse. Spiritual revolution will dawn in as the laws of spiritual space will be “scientifically” explained – just as the laws of physical space have been mathematically explained in the previous eras. I use “scientific” within quotes because I believe that it is not the present day physical science and mathematics which will explain the laws of spiritual space. There will be an invention of new “science” and mathematics, (which I call “mentomatics”), which will explain the laws of Spiritual space. The future spiritual era will have advanced tools to take you within minutes to a high mental state, the state that the likes of Buddha and Christ reached. Man will be able to attain a mental state which is high on love, compassion, faith, etc. The spiritual revolution will see the end of religious divide and killing – spiritual research will make it crystal clear to the common man that all religions are mere tools with a single objective of spiritual upliftment.

“Sounds unbelievable!” Right? All I will request you to do is to transport yourself mentally to the stone age. Now imagine a future world having television sets with which you can see and hear what is happening real time at the other end of the world. Imagine jets and planes that reach you  places several thousand miles away within hours, and so on. Your reaction as a stone age man would be the same – “sounds stupid!” But all that has happened today – you have television and aircrafts/spacecrafts which would have sounded like imaginations of a crazy mind to the Stone Age man. So do not discount what are the possibilities of the future. Whereas we are in the space age of the physical science today, we are in the stone age of spiritual science. You just need to let your imagination go wild to see what would be the possibilities when the world reaches the ‘space age’ of spiritual science.

What we need to think is not whether the spiritual revolution is possible, but how we can speed up its arrival. We need to remove self imposed barriers and leapfrog towards the invention of mentomatics (The article at discusses the first steps towards mentomatics, and the pitfalls that we need to avoid). We need to come out of the spiritual kindergarten that we are stuck into because of our “religious trance” and graduate to higher schools of spirituality. We need to give up the “baby walker” of religion that we are holding on to for too long even though we have already learnt to walk. And unless we give up the baby walker, we will not be able to sprint and run.



Reader Response to my Post

 --- In, "Anand" <aphadnis2002@  wrote:

 Dear Mr Kamble

 Just read your rejoinder to Dr. Hawkings question.... and found it
 quite interesting. After reading your reply, what you say sounds
 quite plausible. I have yet to read the full text of your theory on
 mentomatics (doesnt matter what we call it at this moment in time),
 however I do like your theory.

 Might I remind you, that infact the enhanced state of awareness or
 oneness with the universe that you talk about was regularly achieved
 by the hindu sages and men and women from the age of lord sri Ram,
 Laxman and the Mahabharata - Shri Krishna, Arjun, Bheeshma. They had
 attained what we look up to as supernatural powers - Powers to see
 the future and so on. These seem supernatural only to us. Applying
 the same analogy that you have applied, we are but babies as far as
 the development of these attributes. However if as you suggest  we
 master the techniques to attain these powers just as those great men
 did, who knows mankind may once again attain those dizzying
 spiritual hieghts. We have had that knowledge in our midst, its just
 that the society needs to shed its blinkers.

 Please accept my sincere complements on writing such a wonderful
 reply... and for presenting an Indian voice in this discussion. One
 thing which I am now certain about is that while the western world
 was at the fore front of all the advances in science and technology,
 I strongly believe the world shall be looking to India and Indian
 values when it comes to spiritual advancement of the human race.

 Anand Phadnis

 --- In, "Prem" <pukamble@ wrote:

 Dear Anand,

 I too believe that the knowledge of spiritual/mental science was
 more advanced in the olden times since all you needed to explore and
 practice it was your own body. Whereas physical science may have
 been lagging behind. What made physical science grow faster and
 overtake mental/spiritual science was the invention of mathematics

 which made the physical science available to the masses in
 universities. Whereas spiritual science could only be taught through
 the "gurukul" methodology with severe demands from the students.
 Moreover, there was a major flaw in the way spiritual science was
 and is taught - it is based on faith. In my article
 ( I have explained how
 this double edged sword called faith has seriously limited our
 advancement of this science.

 You need something like mentomatics to take the spiritual science to
 the masses. I believe it will happen. In the physical science,
 classical physics explained the laws of slow moving objects. Quantum
 physics not only explained fast moving but also encompassed laws of
 Classicl physics as well. Similarly mental/spiritual science will
 not only explain the mental/spiritual space, it will apply to the
 physical space as well. It will reach the masses so that everyone
 can reach the dizzying spiritual heights you talk of.




--- In, "Brian" <whoguy423@... wrote:

 Count me in on that one too. I too believe it is through spritual
 awareness that we humans can advance. The primitive tribes we find in
 the amazon are more spititually advance than modern society because
 they live in harmony with nature.
 I beleive that you do not need to go through rigourous training or
 learning to follow a spiritual path. One only has to listen to one
 self because to know the one is to know the whole. By whole, I mean
 everything, God, the Universe(s), the all.
 Funny thing is, many people already do this without knowing it!!!
 Those of you who follow their heart, these are the people I am talking
 about. Many confuse the mind with heart and this is where big problems
 arise. For one to tell the difference, when one follows the heart, it
 is done out of love, not greed, selfishness or hate.
 Now when I say follow your heart, what I am actually saying is
 follow your soul. This is probably too much for most people to
 understand so that is why I use lay man's terms "Follow your Heart".
 There is an amazing amount of wizdom in that saying!




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