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by Prem Kamble

What is Mentomatics™?

You can know what is Mentomatics by reading Chapter 3 sections 1,2 and 3 of the book. You may click on this link or read the book extracts reproduced below.


Chapter 3   Physical Science and Mental/Spiritual Science

1.       Laws of Physical and Mental Sciences

In the last chapter, we saw that there is a spiritual space having forces and energies similar to the physical world we are so familiar with. The laws governing the physical space have been studied and explained by physical sciences. Physical science has given us means to identify areas in the physical space which have high potential energy. We can measure in numbers a position in the physical space by quantifying and specifying the x, y, z co-ordinates. We can measure physical distances, the strength of physical forces and the potential energy.

If we have to move an object from point A to point B in the physical space (Fig. 3.1), or from low potential energy to high energy, we know exactly what force is required, and at what angle j we need to apply that force.








Fig. 3.1: Physical Space

Fig. 3.2: Mental Space

Physical science and mathematics tell us clearly what force should be applied (and at what angle) to move from A to B in physical space. In the mental space, however, the laws of the space are not known. We are in the dark as to how to move from a low energy state in mental space to high energy state (Godly Zones)

We can exactly specify the potential energy at point A and at point B, and the energy to be expended to move object from point A to B. What made all this possible in the physical space is a field of study called Physical Science. But the tool which really helped develop physical sciences was Mathematics. Mathematics helped us to precisely denote our position in the physical space, measure the forces and the distances, and thereby to calculate (with a very high degree of accuracy) the energies associated with the physical space.

Our position in the mental space (Fig. 3.2) depends on our mental state or our feelings. In contrast to the physical space, however, we do not know our coordinates in the mental space since we cannot measure our feelings. Nor do we know the coordinates of the Godly zones. We do not know what mental force we need to apply to move from our present position in the mental space to the Godly zones. We are completely in the dark with respect to the laws of the mental space.

2.       Mathematics helped explain the Laws of Physical Science

Before the discovery of Mathematics, man was completely ignorant of the laws of physical space. The discovery of Mathematics was one critical milestone which changed the history of physical science. It came like a bang after which the growth of physical sciences took a miraculous turn to zoom upwards. It drew man out from an era of ignorance and took him into today's era of scientific revolution. Mathematics not only explained accurately the physical nature of the universe, but also helped predict some effects. Then came calculus and explained the rest of the phenomenon related to physical forces in the universe.

Mathematics helped to explain the laws of physical space. However,  Mathematics and Calculus proved inadequate to explain the spiritual phenomena

Fig. 3.3 compares our progress in the physical sciences with the progress in mental sciences on a time scale. Fig. 3.3a shows the pre mathematics and post mathematics era in physical sciences. The line in the centre shows the timeframe where we are today. The area to the left of the line shows the past and the area to the right of it shows the future. Fig 3.3a depicts the past and the future in the physical space, whereas Fig 3.3b shows the same for the mental space.


In Fig 3.3a, the pre-maths era of the apeman (dark age) is shown in the past. Then came the period when Mathematics was devised. Mathematics explained the laws of the physical world and pulled us out of the dark age. Then came the modern age when physical laws were explained and man was able to develop very sophisticated gadgets using the laws of physical sciences. All this is history in the physical space.



3.3:   Where we are today in the spiritual space as compared to physical World - Whereas we are today in the space age in the physical space, we are still in the stone age of spiritual space

With Mathematics, man has mastered the laws of the physical space and has come a long way from the days of ape man. However, we are still apemen so long as the mental space is concerned. In the time graph of mental space (Fig. 3.3b), we are still in the Dark Age today. We know nothing about the laws of this space. While the language of mathematics describes the laws of physical space precisely, it fails miserably in the mental space. Unfortunately we cannot even measure the feelings, which are the co-ordinates of this space. We cannot quantify how much was your hopelessness before you heard those magic words and how much was your hope and commitment afterwards. We have no way to correlate the measure of our feelings with our mental state and mental energies.

3.       Mentomatics will explain the Laws of Spiritual Science


Mathematics and Calculus proved inadequate to explain the spiritual phenomena. I believe that there will be a completely new science and a new language, which I call Mentomatics, that will explain the laws of mental space and unfold the spiritual laws of the universe. Today, we do not have a language to explain mental forces. Before mathematics was devised, laws of physical space were as much a mystery as the laws of mental space are today without Mentomatics. We are in the same stage in the realm of mental forces (Fig. 3.3b) as we were in the realm of physical forces before Mathematics and Calculus were developed (Fig. 3.3a). We can see the effect of mental forces but cannot explain them. We look at the spiritual powers as miraculous or supernatural phenomena just as the common physical phenomena were considered as miracles by the aboriginals.

Whereas we are in the space age in the physical sciences, we are in the stone age of spiritual science. When the spiritual laws are explained with the help of mentomatics in the future (Fig. 3.3b), we will have advanced techniques developed to give us immense spiritual powers, similar to the physical powers that the inventions of physical science have given us today. 

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