Rules of Effective Meetings, Discussions and Brain Storming Sessions

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Meetings in offices either can be the most effective tools for action oriented communication or they can be a means of draining precious man-hours down the drain. It depends considerably on you, the manager or the meeting head to decide which direction the meeting takes. Would you like your meetings to be result oriented, focussed, and most important, short and sweet? There are rules of the game that can help you make your meetings a place where your employees can freely contribute, share ideas and in the process, help you to arrive at the right decision. Meeting not only help you decide, they can help you to ensure that the decisions are owned by the teammates. That is a sure shot success formula for the successful implementation of your decisions.

This seminar discusses the different objectives of the meetings, and how you as the manager can achieve the desired objective when you conduct meetings. Whether the meeting is for decision-making, or for brainstorming ideas or for simple communication, there are tricks to make each type of meeting successful.

This seminar can also help Technical Managers responsible for IT requirements study and re-engineering processes. Re-engineering processes required deep thinking, thinking out of the box and revolutionary ideas. A good brainstorming session can help in bringing up valuable ideas that can result in effective re-engineering brainwaves.

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