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Real Life Case Studies /Success Stories

*   On Business Orientation in IT

*   Prem Kamble’s IT Strategy to get maximum Business Benefit was published in Times of India. This is an excellent real life case study of ways to maximize your business benefits in IT. Click here to Read

*   On People Orientation in IT

*   Prem Kamble created a record in my SEI Level 5 company by delivering all projects on time and to specs to the utmost delight of his overseas customers. He penned down the success factors which makes a good case study and is available at Click here to Read.

*   On Successful IT Implementation Strategy

*   His Successful Implementation and the People orientation which led to the success was published as a cover article in Computers Today. This too makes a good case study in Key Success Factors of IT Implementations in companies.  Click here to Read.

*   On Skill Building - Extraordinary Output from Ordinary People

*   Three case studies of how very ordinary and inexperienced people were able to give extraordinanry performance. Click here to Read.