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A Myth Called God?

by Prem Kamble

The Known and the Unknown World

Man has made giant strides in understanding the world around him. Most of the laws governing the physical world have been understood and explained. Man has gone far and wide in pursuit of knowledge. He has gone to the farthest planets, and now outside the universe to understand his surroundings. But there is one small area very close to him which still remains unexplored and unexplained - the complex world within himself, the area within the human mind.

While science has helped us understand most of the universe around us, the small area within our Body and Mind remains in the dark (Fig.1). We can get some deep insights if we explore and compare the known world of Material Space with the unknown world of (what I call) the Mind SpaceTM.

The Dark area of the Mind - Credits Free Pixabay

Fig.1:   While science has helped us understand the vast universe around us,
the small area within our Body and Mind remains in the dark

(Image: Public domain-pixabay)

The Known World: The Material Space

There was a time when even simple physical phenomena were not understood. We did not know what caused day and night, why there were seasons, what caused rains and wind, what caused disease and deaths due to disease.

With his penchant to explain everything known and unknown around him, man slowly started finding answers to his questions. What causes the wind? The wind god. Who creates the rain? The rain gods. God was holding the earth on his shoulder so that we did not fall off into hell. The lunar eclipse was caused because the daemons were eating into the moon god. Most of the unknown physical phenomena were explained using gods and daemons.

Then came physics and mathematics, which said that wind was created due to difference of pressure. Air was actually made of small invisible particles and atoms which move from high pressure to low pressure causing wind. Who would have believed that what appears to be empty space around you is actually filled with molecules which are floating around your eyes but cannot be seen, tiny particles which have weight and exert pressure?!! Before the advent of science, everything that was unexplained was caused by god. Science came in and god had to exit.

History is a witness to the fact that when a phenomenon was not understood, it was said to be caused by god.

The Unknown World: The Mind SpaceTM

While we know what makes the sun shine, what makes the celestial bodies go round the sun, and the whole lot about the stars far beyond, we still do not know why we behave the way we do, why we get upset, happy or unhappy, why we succeed or fail, why are some days good for us and some not so good, what makes us poor or rich. Why is it that a man with immense wealth may still not be happy whereas a poor man can be happy? Why is it that one day you do a job well, and on some other day you can't do the same thing so well. In fact we do not know our own self.

Is it our surroundings and circumstances which control our happiness and well being, success or failure, or does it all depend on the state of our own mind? Does our mind decide our fate and destiny? We find this very complex. We are confused. Whereas we know the laws governing the physical space of the universe, we are completely in the dark about the laws governing this strange world within our mind. Whereas we have understood the Material Space, the Mind SpaceTM is an area of complete darkness. (To know more about Mind SpaceTM and how it contrasts with the Material Space, read God in Two Minutes, an ebook downloadable at Amazon.)

We do not understand our mind and how it drives our life. We do not understand how our subconscious mind controls our actions, how our state of mind shapes our destiny (see article "We Have No Control on our Actions" in the "Related Readings" list below). The aforementioned article and ebook explain how our mind and thoughts shape our lives, and how we ourselves architect our future. But we are confused about how things manifest in our life. Anything that is not understood is attributed to god, as was the case once with wind, rain, seasons, eclipse, and most of the physical effects. Since we do not know why things are happening to us, we think it is God who decides for us. So what makes you happy or miserable? God makes you happy or sad. Who decides your destiny? It is god again. God makes you rich or poor.

When Mathematics was discovered, the concept of god made an exit from the explanation of the physical phenomena. However, the language of Mathematics failed miserably to explain the phenomena of the Mind SpaceTM, though it worked beautifully in the Material Space. Is that then the real bottleneck? Are we missing out on a language which could help explain the laws governing Mind Space? Do we need to wait for Mentomatics, a new language to be discovered before the spiritual and mental effects are explained? The concept of God and religion will possibly be "mentomatically" explained. Like the physical effects, the mental and mind phenomena will not only be explained, but will be predictable and repeatable. We may be able to prescribe and even achieve the desired states of mind to achieve desired results in life. We may discover means and tools to create and reach our desired states of mind in minutes. Since God is nothing but a state of mind (as explained in the ebook), we will be able to reach God in two minutes.

Once the language of mentomatics explains the phenomena of the mind, will god then make a similar exit from this realm of the mind (Fig.2)?


All Unknown things explained using God

Fig.2:   Physical phenomena were explained using god till the language of mathematics explained them.
Once the language of mentomatics explains the phenomena of the mind,
will god then make a similar exit from the realm of the mind?

Myths and Beliefs

History of physical science shows that several theories had been developed right from the stone age to explain the physical world. They were at that time regarded as gospel truth till new theories evolved and the old ones collapsed. To cite just one, the earth was believed to be flat and the sun believed to be revolving around the earth. We believed in them so much that we were ready to kill someone who said otherwise or who opposed these theories.  

The concept of God and religion, I believe is just one such theory or belief system of the Mind Space today. There is no proof for the existence of god but for the sheer faith. We have such deep faith in our theories that statements against this belief system are considered blasphemous.  

Since some very staunch beliefs in the past have crumbled and appear ridiculously funny today, we must be ready to accept that some of our current beliefs may also meet the same fate. They may as well turn out to be myths. We must be mentally prepared to obliterate some of our strongest beliefs of today.  

We pamper our ego by saying that we have come a long way from the days of complete ignorance. We think we know much more now and ridicule the ancient man as almost foolish. But only if we take a leap forward in time and imagine the world-to-be, we will realize that we could be equally foolish today with respect to some other beliefs which may be proved wrong in the future. Our ego does not allow us to think that we may also be erring today.

Is God one such myth today? Like several myths of the pre-mathematics age which were busted, is God a Myth of the pre- Mentomatics Age? Will the spiritual law be explained in future as clearly and precisely as the physical laws of nature are explained today? And then we the people of today will look as foolish as the ancient humans - the people who believed that the earth was flat and that you could fall off the edge of the earth?

Today we believe that god gives us the spiritual energy. A time will come when we will be able to know how to measure one’s spiritual energy and move from a low energy state of mind to high energy state in seconds. We will be able to attain god in seconds. Sounds impossible, right? But so would today's reality sound impossible to a stone age man - like living on a round earth floating in space, or flying in the air. Just as the stone age man has to think of the unthinkable to visualise today's inventions, you need to be able to think of the unthinkable to imagine the future world, and be mentally prepared for the impossible.

Our stone-age answer to the question "Who makes rain and wind?" should have been, "I don't know today. May be it will be known tomorrow". Similarly our answer to all that is unknown today should be "I don't know today. It may be explained tomorrow." Because we may be in the stone-age of Mind Science today.

We talk about barbarians who lived on earth years ago who killed one another for food. The following quote from the book God in Two Minutes says it all: "A time will come when man will look back and say 'Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed in different religions and killed their fellow beings in the name of God.'"

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