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Blog on God and Religion
by Prem Kamble

What are "God Zones"?

You can know what are God Zones from Chapter 2 Section 5 of the book. This section is also reproduced below:


5.    God Zones - Zones with High Mental Energy

Our discussion so far indicates that

-        just as there is potential energy in the physical space, we have mental energy in the mental space. Each position in the physical space has an associated potential energy, and each position in the mental space has a corresponding mental energy.

-        just as we have physical space with physical forces operating in it, there is a mental or spiritual space of mental forces.

Whereas we know the laws of physical forces, we are totally ignorant of the dynamics of the mental forces in the spiritual space.

Let us dive deeper into our hypothesis of the mental space. We said that each position in mental space is associated with a mental energy. We also said that there are some zones which have lower energy and some which have relatively higher energy. If we extrapolate, it is possible that there could be some very low and some very high energy zones. I believe that there are some zones in the Mental Space which represent extremely high energy. These are zones where the measure of confidence, love, faith, hope, etc. is extremely high. When you are in these zones in the mental space, you can be in an extremely powerful state of mind (Fig. 2.9).  For our discussions we will call them the "God Zones". It will be clear why we call them so when we discuss it in details in subsequent chapters. In short, we call these zones "God zones" because the spiritual greats like Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, etc. "could experience God" by reaching these God zones.


          Fig. 2.9: High Energy Zones in Mental Space - The God Zones

Somewhere in the mental space, there are extremely high energy zones. These zones represent mental states where the mental energy is very high. I call them God zones. Attaining God is nothing but reaching these high energy zones in the mental space

That leads us to two basic questions:
  1. First, where are the high-energy points (God zones) in the Mental Space? What are their co-ordinates? In other words, what is the right combination of hope, faith, love, confidence, and other feelings which will give us maximum energy? (Fig. 2.5)
  1. Second, how do we reach those high-energy points in the mental space? How do we reach the state of mind which will result in high Mental Energy State? (Fig. 2.5)

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