Emploability Training for IT Engineering/MCA Students

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Audience:   B.E. Students (particularly IT stream) and MCA students
Duration:   1 Day or 3 Hours (Shorter version)

Objectives of the Training

  1. Impart strategies to excel in interviews not through cosmetic changes but by developing real internal strengths
  2. Learn to excel in interviews by following your passion and mastering technologies which you are passionate about
  3. Learn Bootstrapped Learning Method, the best and easiest method of learning in the rapidly changing, dynamic IT environment
  4. Give Exposure on What are Multiple Avenues in IT Industry for a Job (In terms of Categories of Technology Jobs in Programming and non-programming areas)
  5. Help students overcome the dilemma of choosing between such vast options of available technologies/skills by identifying their passion, strengths/weaknesses, likes and dislikes by mapping their strengths with available options.
  6. Learn which Technologies are in maximum demand like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, etc.


  1. This module does not try to just make students employable superficially but makes them internally strong so that they excel in any interview. In other words, it is not about painting them externally to look good, but develop real internal skills and confidence to succeed in the interviews.
  2. Technology (particularly IT) is a very special and dynamic field where new developments and obsolescence are the order of the day. Skills required to excel in this dynamic environment are very different from what our educational institutes are used to teaching
  3. With my over 30 years of industry experience, having trained fresh graduates to learn and excel on the job, my module prepares them with just the right skills to survive and excel in such a super dynamic environment. See true stories of skill development at http://premkamble.com/coe
  4. There are always some students who feel that they chose the wrong field of study, mostly under pressure from parents. My module takes care of such students too. It provides appropriate options and opportunities where such students too can find suitable areas in IT industry based on their core strengths.
  5. Since my module deals with core strengths, it not only helps them get their first job, it helps them to remain motivated and grow throughout the career.
  6. The course is highly interactive, so students learn how to communicate and present themselves with confidence during interviews.


  1. Ice Breaking and getting to know the audience
  2. Avenues available in the Industry
  3. How to choose between the vast menu of technologies
  4. How to Identify your strengths and technology preferences and How to master those technologies
  5. Hard Skills required in the Industry
  6. Soft Skills required in the Industry
  7. Student Presentations of projects done by them within or outside their curriculum.

Other Optional Topics:

  1. How to Excel in Group Discussions (Even if you know nothing about the Topic)
  2. Knowing Your Inner Self and Goal Setting
  3. Goal Orientation


See on-the-job true stories of having developed IT skills in fresh graduates and others at https://pukamble.tripod.com/coe

About Prem Kamble



Prem Kamble PhotoPrem Kamble is a Management and IT Consultant. He is an expert in People, Processes and Technology Last he was Vice President and Head of Global Software Infrastructure for Sutherland, a multinational BPO. He has been a CIO for over 20 years in manufacturing and service companies and also worked as Software Delivery Head in SEI CMM Level 5 companies.


He has a bachelor's degree in Engineering from IIT, Bombay and post-graduate degree in Management from IIM, Calcutta. He has passed Advanced Management course called "Energo Cybernetic Strategy" (EKS) with flying colours from a German Institute. He has also attended self-development programs like Est, Forum, Advanced Course, SELP (Self Expression & Leadership Program), etc. organised by Landmark Education Foundation, USA which have helped him to develop a broader outlook and a different way of thinking.


As Software Delivery Head in DSQ, he had a record breaking performance of delivering all projects on time, to-spec and to the utmost delight of the customer. His other achievements were highest repeat orders and highest resource utilisation. As Head of IT in companies, he has been extremely successful in developing and implementing computerized systems in the toughest of situations. He attributes these successes to his close understanding of the Managers' expectations and fears, and an equally good 'finger-on-the-pulse' of the technology folks to motivate them to give their best.  

Apart from a very strong technology background from IIT, he is a very practical, people oriented and process oriented manager with eyes firmly on business benefits. He has been a student throughout his career and has been taking notes on all aspects of the work that he did. These notes have been the basis of his analysis, thinking and writings in his articles and blogs. His writings on diverse topics like technology, management, psychology and spirituality show very deep, intuitive and original thinking. . He brings the same originality to his seminars and workshops, which bring new insights straight based on deep analysis of experiences on ground zero, not based on books and journals.

He has published articles on InfoTech management in the country's leading magazines. Most of the articles display an 'out-of-the-box' thinking and a knack to see what is not so obvious. He has also written on psychology and spirituality. He has authored a book titled "God in Two Minutes", which is a "Scientific" analysis of God and Religion. Though these areas of IT Management, Psychology and Spirituality may seem to be poles apart, Prem believes that they are actually very closely related - both are a study into the human psychology of change. You can find most of his articles on the net by searching on "Prem Kamble" or "Mentomatics", a word he has coined. Google search on "Mentomatics" shows references only to his work.


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