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Title God and Religion  Author Kamble P U 
Length Book  Date 22.1.99
Report to Publishing Dept
From Editorial Dept.
It is unusual to find two very different offerings, both of quality but dealing with very different fields, from one author.

The work on information era is a valuable book that at a later stage could certainly be looked at again in terms of its publishing potential. However, at the present time, we prefer to look first at GOD AND RELIGION.

This book explores the harmony between the physical and the mental forces. It tries to delve into the spiritual world and its comparison with the physical world throws open new avenues for thinking and gives a new direction to our search. It discusses the meaning of Fate, Chance and God and laments the distortion of religion whose origin it tries to trace.

The author makes an attempt to give a scientific explanation to the working of mental or the spiritual realm. He envisages that in future there would be a method to give man the state of mind he desires. For this, according to Mr. Kamble, we need to first devise methods of measuring and representing qualitatively the feelings of love, confidence, hatred sadness and our other human emotions.

This unique book makes the reader sit up and think as he has never thought before and serves as an eye opener. Illustrative and easily comprehensible, the language used is simple and can be easily grasped by common man.

It has been very rewarding to encounter the work of P U Kamble; when Minerva Press established its New Delhi branch, it was precisely in the hopes of attracting just this kind of quality writing.

We believe that this author would have a significant chance of making a mark, and in particular finding favour with both the Indian and Western reading publics. It is the fusion of cultures that broadens horizons and perspectives.

Mark Sykes