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  1. Do you believe in God or Deity -- as you understand the meaning of this term?


  1. If so, what is God for you?

I believe that there is no God as is commonly known. But there is mental or spiritual power latent in every human being. God is an imaginary concept created by the enlightened spiritual leaders of yesteryears to help the ignorant common man to tap his latent mental energy. The method works by creating a faith in an entity called God, and the faith then helps to shift a person to a higher mental state. How this method works and my views on God and Religion are published as summary of my book in the article God and Religion - A New Look .

The concept of God is the best available, though primitive, method to reach higher mental states and thereby tap the mental energies lying dormant in all humans. I believe that with advances in Mental Science, advanced methods would be developed and the method of God and Religion will be outdated.

  1. What are God's basic characteristics, as you understand them?

I think there is no God. There are only spiritually enlightened humans who can be termed as having 'attained God'. They are characterized by extremely high feelings of Love, Hope and Faith.

  1. Do you believe that "God lives within each human being"?


  1. Care to explain?

Actually, my answer to the question above is Yes and No. There is no God so there is no question of God residing in every human being. But what is commonly meant when we say God resides in every being is true in the following two distinct ways:

i. Every human being has extremely high potential spiritual energy and mental powers which are commonly associated with God. Only we do not know how to tap that energy.

ii. Just as the concept of God (or rather, the faith in God) gives you more confidence and energy, every person near you helps to put you in a high mental energy state. Your parents, your brothers, sisters, your friends and colleagues in office, all give you confidence to change your state of mind, just as your faith in God gives you the confidence. In fact, every person in the street helps you increase your confidence. You would be certainly scared to go in a street which is totally deserted. So, that unknown man on the street is also helping you gain confidence, just like your faith in God does. Hence we can say that God resides in every person on the street.

  1. Do you believe that "God is love"?


  1. Care to explain?

God is not Love, but Love is one of the feelings apart from Hope and Faith, which when present in high proportions in a person, takes him/her closer to a spiritual state that we commonly call 'reaching closer to God' or 'attaining God'.

  1. Can the people on this planet learn to love one another?


  1. If yes, what is your best idea on how this can happen?

Actually, my answer to the question above is Yes and No.

No because hatred may remain for other reasons even if religious differences disappear.

Yes because hatred due to religious differences will certainly disappear - when people will learn how foolish it was to believe that there were different Gods, different religions and beliefs. Today we laugh at the old ways through which man had explained the physical phenomena with imaginary stories (e.g. according to Indian mythology, lunar eclipse ocurs because the demons Rahu and Ketu bite into the moon!). Man will laugh at his religious folly when the spiritual science is developed and spiritual phenomena of the universe explained.

To quote from my article, "You have read about barbarians who lived on earth years ago who killed one another for food. Several years from now, people will say, 'Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed that there were many Gods and they killed their fellow beings in the name of religion.'"

  1. What are you doing to help?

I have a clear and specific plan to make this happen. I know that it may take ages for spiritual science to develop and for the spiritual phenomena to be explained precisely as the physical phenomena are explained today by science and mathematics. Today man needs an eye opener to realize that he is in an era when there are primitive immature theories to explain spiritual powers (like the theory of Rahu and Ketu), and that a new 'science' may be developed which may explain all. What is important today is for all of us to realize that it is downright foolish to believe that one religion is better than another, and to fight for the religion. Religions are good and they are there to help individuals. But they are having a deadly side effect in the form of conflicts and killings that they are causing. Religion and God are today's best methods for mental well being. In future, there will certainly be much better, faster and foolproof methods to achieve what the method of God and Religion does today. For now, he needs to use this primitive method to his benefit and avoid the deadly side effect.

I have written a book called "God and Religion - A 'Scientific' and Objective Look' which is intended to be the eye opener. I have published a summary of the book in the article God and Religion - A New Look. I wish to publish the book. Any help from any members in publishing the book is welcome. My attempt is to spread this message and to help reduce religious conflict.

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