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The table lists my papers & international journals in which they are available. Click on 2nd column to list all journals, on 3rd column to read the abstract and download pdf.

List of Papers (Click to view in this site) List of Journals View Abstract Read full
On IT Management
Behavioral ITŪ - A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Address the IT Woes of Businesses & Top Professionals in an IT-Driven World 9 Journals Abstract Full
Is the IT Scenario Really So Rosy? Behavioral ITŪ can Make a Difference 9 Journals Abstract Full
Coping with IT Disruptions - With Behavioral ITŪ Skills 14 Journals Abstract Full
Software Product Management - Role of Behavioral ITŪ 16 Journals Abstract Full
CEO’s Key to IT Transformation & Organizational Agility 4+ Journals Abstract Full
On God & Spirituality
Prem Spirituality Model: Opening the Doors to A Spiritual Revolution 17 Journals Abstract Full
"God in Two Minutes" - My ebook at Amazon Download Summary Brief
Is God a Myth? 16 Journals Abstract Full
On Psychology & Subconscious Mind
What is Subconscious Mind? How Does it Impact our Behaviour? 8 Journals Abstract Full
Subconscious Mind & Paradigms 7 eLibraries Abstract Full
On General Management
Rules for Effective Meetings and Brain Storming Sessions 10 Journals Abstract Full
Art of Delegation: Best Practices 2+ Journals Abstract Full
Improving Employability Skills among IT & Engineering Students 5 Journals Abstract Full

Journals where the Articles are Available

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