Business Process Re-engineering Simplified
What, Why and How of BPR

This seminar is useful for both the IT Managers/Business analysts and for non IT Managers. It explains what is the meaning of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in a very simple and illustrative way without any business jargon. It explains the What, Why and How of BPR. It shows how being goal oriented or focusing on the objectives can help re-engineer processes, i.e., make them more efficient, cost effective and faster. It helps non IT managers to improve overall department efficiencies by cutting out redundant processes, and make processes contribute to business goals.

It helps IT Managers and Business Analysts to understand how to do a better requirement study to avoid the mistake of simply automating legacy processes without first attempting to improve them. Business Analysts will learn to re-design processes in such a way that they are best suited to automated systems, and most important, they contribute to business. BPR can help simplify processes and simplify the system complications to directly cut IT project cost and maintenance cost. Simple processes are always easy to build and maintain.

The seminar can also help all managers to improve personal and team effectiveness by being more result oriented, goal oriented and more focused.

At work, we get so deeply involved grappling with one problem after another that we have no time to raise our head above our shoulders to see our destination and to see if we are moving towards the goal or away from it. The seminar seeks to drive home the need to define the goals clearly for every single task. It explains with examples and illustrations how defining objectives helps.