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Seminar For Executive Development Programs
  1. Top Manager's Success Kit for an Ever Changing World      (Full Day session)  
  2. Goal Orientation and Business Process Engineering    (Half Day Session)
  3. Conducting Effective Meetings, Discussions and Brain Storming Sessions   (Half Day session)
  4. Empathise with Your Employees - Understanding Self and People Behavior    (Half Day session) 
  5. Tips and Tricks for Managers to Save Time and Do More in MS Word and PowerPoint    (2-3 hours session)
  6. Enterprise Resource Planning - The Hard and Soft Skills for Managerial Success   - 1 day or more
  7. Ensuring Timely Delivery of IT Projects

The following are general interest lectures
  1. A "Scientific" and Objective Look at God and Religion  (Click here to see brochure)
  2. We Humans have no Control on our Actions - Understanding People Behaviour

1. Top Manager's Success Kit for an Ever Changing World  


(Click here to see the brochure)


The seminar is for top professionals from industry including CEOs, Directors, Functional heads and IT folks.


Information Technology being the major driver of change today, the seminar focuses on making top managers (cutting across all functions) capable to deal with this change and come out successful. Managers often fear that their lack of knowledge on computers can affect their careers. This seminar helps to dispel their fears and shows that managers need not know technology to be good tech-savvy managers. Instead they need to know some simple facts about the technology, its capabilities and about the psychology of change. The seminar presents these facts in an easy to grasp non technical language.


The Seminar enumerates the qualities required for CEOs to be good technology leaders. CEOs and heads of departments play a very crucial role in the implementations of ERPs. ERPs can also fail because of ineffective leadership of the CEOs.  Unfortunately most of the technology forums dwell on technology, but the people and change management issues are what the top managers should really know to be effective managers. The seminar also explodes the myths about this technology. It is an eye opener to know that this technology which we rave about actually has serious pitfalls. To be effective, managers need to know these pitfalls and understand the rules of the game to be able to still use this technology to their advantage by avoiding the pitfalls. Unfortunately the rules of the game are not known and companies incur heavy losses on account of failed implementation projects. The seminar gives the managers useful insights to play by the rules of the game and come out winner.

2.  Goal Orientation and Business Process Engineering 
This seminar is useful for both the IT Managers/Business analysts and for non IT Managers. It explains what is the meaning of Business Process Engineering in a very simple and illustrative way without any business jargon. It shows how being goal oriented or focussing on the objectives can help re-engineer processes, i.e., make them more efficient, cost effective and faster. It helps non IT managers to improve overall department efficiencies by cutting out redundant processes, and make processes contribute to business goals.

It helps IT Managers and Business Analysts to understand how to do a better requirement study to avoid the mistake of  simply automating processes as they are. Instead, they learn to re-design processes in such a way that they are best suited to automated systems, and most important, they contribute to business. It can help simplify processes and simplify the system complications to directly cut IT project cost and maintenence cost. Simple processes are always easy to build and maintain.

The seminar can also help all managers to improve personal and team effectiveness by being more result oriented, goal oriented and more focussed.

At work, we get so deeply involved grappling with one problem after another that we have no time to raise our head above our shoulders to see our destination and to see if we are moving towards the goal or away from it. The seminar seeks to drive home the need to define the goals clearly for every single task and explains with examples and illustrations how it helps. Having defined the objectives, it discusses how to maximise the outputs of the team working for that objective.

3.  Conducting Effective Meetings, Discussions and Brain Storming Sessions 

Meetings in offices either can be the most effective tools for action oriented communication or they can be a means of draining precious man-hours down the drain. It depends considerably on you, the manager or the meeting head to decide which direction the meeting takes. Would you like your meetings to be result oriented, focussed, and most important, short and sweet? There are rules of the game that can help you make your meetings a place where your employees can freely contribute, share ideas and in the process, help you to arrive at the right decision. Meeting not only help you decide, they can help you to ensure that the decisions are owned by the teammates. That is a sure shot success formula for the successful implementation of your decisions.


This seminar discusses the different objectives of the meetings, and how you as the manager achieve the desired objective when you conduct meetings. Whether the meeting is for decision-making, or for brainstorming ideas or for simple communication, there are tricks to make each type of meeting successful.


This seminar can also help Technical Managers responsible for IT requirements study and re-engineering processes. Re-engineering processes required deep thinking, thinking out of the box and revolutionary ideas. A good brainstorming session can help in bringing up valuable ideas that can result in effective re-engineering brainwaves.

4.  Empathise with Your Employees - Understanding Self and People Behaviour

The seminar explains human behaviour in light of the controllable and the uncontrollable behaviour. Understanding the rationale or the lack of it behind the human actions can help you as a manager to empathise with your employees. A manager who empathises with his subordinates is the most respected manager. It can help you motivate your employees and to get the best out of them.

We may be far from truth when we say, ďI have full control over my actions". Not all actions are results of our conscious decisions. This seminar dwells on the conscious and  the subconscious. Most of our actions are results of what I call "Mental Reflex Actions" on which we have little control. This insight can help us better understand people and improve relations both in our personal and professional lives.
(Pls see my article in at ). Click here to know more about the seminar. 
5.  Tips and Tricks for Managers to Save Time and Do More in MS Word and Powerpoint


Most of the top managers use the PC mainly for creation of documents or presentations, apart from using the PC for reading and sending mails. Every Managerís time is precious and the less time he spends on MS Word and Powerpoint to complete his job, the more he can use for other fruitful activities. This would mean a straight saving in money for the company if the managers can save time on such routine activities. The manager himself does not realize how much he can gain if he knows the tips and tricks of saving time while using these packages.


This seminar contributes directly to reducing managerís fatigue and improving his efficiency by providing little known tips and tricks on MS Word and Powerpoint. The speaker, being a senior manager himself, understands what exactly managers need to use these tools for and hence specially focuses on what the managers need to know to save time for their routine activities on Word and Powerpoint. It also shows how certain jobs which seem impossible on Word can be done simply and effectively.


6.  Enterprise Resource Planning - The Hard and and Soft Skills for Managerial Success


The seminar aims at ensuring success of IT Implementation by narrowing the gap between the IT Specialists and the Functional Managers so that the two form a strong cohesive team.


The seminar is a result of a deep study of causes of IT failures and a close observation and study of people's behaviour under IT - Driven change.


The right involvement of the CEO and Department heads/Senior managers is the key to success of IT Implementation projects. Typically, most top managers do not get actively involved due to their innate fear of technology. They tend to delegate technology projects to their subordinates. Equally common is a scenario where there is a very enthusiastic involvement of managers to begin with, soon to be turned into dismay and frustrations due to over expectations.


Either way, the project ends up in friction, allegations and counter allegations resulting in stress, delays and total failure of the project resulting in emmense losses.


The seminar ensures better partcipation by managers by working on their subconscious fear of technology. It delivers just that what managers need to know not only to face IT Driven change but to be catalysts to change. Managers need to know how people behave under the impact of technological change and how to manage the common resistance to change.


This seminar also helps managers to set the right expectations from this technology. It addresses the common misconceptions, mindset and psychological issues. It is an eye opener for the managers to know that this technology which we rave about and consider to be far superior to machine age technology is in fact far inferior. This helps set right expectations and also to empathise with the IT professionals. It helps bring the two teams closer to form a solid team to face the perils of this difficult technology.  


7.  Ensuring Timely Delivery of IT Projects


This seminar covers the tricks of the trade in ensuring timely delivery of IT projects. This is based on my real life experience when I created a record in a SEI CMM Level 5 company of delivering all projects on time and "To-Spec" to the utmost delight of the customers. My UK based client said, "Even in UK, it is impossible to imagine a project both being delivered on time and deliverd absolutely as per specs." The tips are extremely simple and non technical - mainly based on managerial skills.