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by Prem Kamble


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The book "God and Religion - A 'Scientific' and Objective Look" looks at God and religion in a completely new light as has never been done before. This book may challenge some of your fundamental beliefs, so it is the author's humble request to read it with an open mind.

The topic of Religion is very relevant to this time when religious fanaticism has shaken the world. In a world divided by religion, this book is important to you and to every human being. You may say, "I am very open minded. I am not against other religions, so I do no harm to the world when I follow my faith in my religion". Do you know that your very private beliefs too contribute to dividing the world? Do you know that YOU need to do something about this religious divide? If you love your children and want to make the world better for your children, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP AND ACT NOW.

The author addresses the fundamental causes which have led to the great religious divide. It can help root out religious fanaticism from this world and make the world a much better place to live in.

He explores how the concept of God and religion may have originated and how we have misunderstood it to divide ourselves. He has found the root cause of this debacle - a basic flaw or trap in the 'method' of God and Religion which has prevented it from achieving its noble objective. He believes that the concept of God and religion is a "bullock cart" method devised ages ago for spiritual pursuits and has not evolved because of this trap.

The author believes that man will break free from this trap and devise a new "jet-age"method. "Mentomatics" will give us a jet-age method to attain "God in two minutes". Just as Mathematics gave birth to Physical science and ushered in the Industrial and Information revolutions, Mentomatics will usher in the next big revolution - the Spiritual revolution. The laws of Spiritual world will be explained. The book gives a sneak-peek into this future. Though he uses the basics of physical science in his book, what you will read is not science, not religion nor heavy philosophy. It is plain and simple common sense.

The book is an "eye-opener" based on very original thoughts never written before. The views on God and religion, though consistent with all religions, can be contrary to common beliefs. So be ready for a healthy debate.



Extracts (Summary available here) :

"I can foresee a world united again, a world where man will not be divided by religion. Religion will be 'scientifically' explained and we will see that there is only one 'God' who is within each one of us. Gods are nothing but different forms of imagination of a power within us. Man will see his folly."

... ......

A time will come when man will look back and say "Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed in several Gods, and they killed their fellow beings in the name of religion."  

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