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by Prem Kamble



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Summary of God and Religion  





This is a summary of the book by Prem Kamble which looks at God and religion in a completely new light as has never been done before.  

The topic of Religion is very relevant to this time when religious fanaticism has shaken the world. The book addresses the fundamental causes which have led to the great religious divide.

The book explores the harmony between the physical and the mental forces. It tries to delve into the spiritual world and its comparison with the physical world throws open new avenues for thinking and gives a new direction to our search. It discusses the meaning of Fate, Chance and God and tries to trace the origin of religion. It laments the distortion of religion and division of mankind based on religion. .

The author makes an attempt to give a scientific explanation to the working of mental or the spiritual realm. He envisages that in future there would be a method to quickly give man the state of mind he desires.

Prem Kamble believes that the method of God and religion is a "bullock cart" method devised ages ago to give that elevated state of mind and for spiritual upliftment. He explains how the concept of God and religion, which was 'devised' as a 'method' for the welfare of human beings, has become a cause for misery and suffering. The author has found a basic flaw in the 'method' of God and Religion which has prevented it from achieving its noble objective. The method has not evolved because of the same flaw.

Most of the methods devised by mankind have evolved over time. However, this method, though age old, has not improved. On the contrary, it has divided the world on religion and led to violence and bloodshed.  It is because of this flaw that the method has neither evolved nor achieved its noble objectives.

He believes that there WILL be a new "jet age" method. Just as Mathematics explained the laws of Physical world, a new science called "Mentomatics" will explain the laws of Spiritual world. Mentomatics will usher in the next revolution - the Spiritual revolution, and give us a jet age method to attain "God in two minutes"

This unique book makes the reader sit up and think as he has never thought before and serves as an eye opener. Illustrative and easily comprehensible, the language used is simple and can be easily grasped by common man. Though the book uses the basics of physical science, what you read is not science, nor Religion nor heavy philosophy. It is plain and simple common sense.

The thoughts expressed here can find favor with both the Eastern and Western reading publics. It is the fusion of cultures that broadens horizons and perspectives.




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