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My List of Hindi Karaoke Songs

This page contains:

  • Few Songs sung by Me
  • List of My Hindi Karaoke Collection

My Humble Attempt at Singing

YouTube Videos: This link has a few YouTube videos of songs sung by me. Not that I am a great singer. But I am a great fan of Indian music. Nothing puts me on like music. These are recordings of a few songs I sang at the karaoke programs held in our society. For More Songs at YouTube, Click here. You may search on Prem Kamble in YouTube to find my YouTube Channel.

Audio at Soundcloud: Soundcloud site has audios of songs by me and my brother Shivprasad Kamble in separate playlists.

My Collection of Hindi Karaoke

This is a partial list of my Hindi Karaoke collection. For most of the songs, I have the Karafun files which has synchronized lyrics. For others, I can make synchronized karafun (.kfn) files. You may write to me to request for song of your choice or add your comments at the bottom of this page. If you have karaoke mp3 and want synchronized lyrics, send me the mp3 file and I can make the . kfn or . lrc files to match.

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"I can foresee a world united again, a world where man will not be divided by religion. Religion will be 'scientifically' explained and we will see that there is only one so called 'God' , which is nothing but a power within each one of us. Man will see his folly" -
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My Choice of Marathi/ Hindi Songs

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Title Artist
Aa Chal Ke Tujhe - karaoke fadeout Kishore Kumar
Aa Bhi Ja Mahendra Kapoor
Aaj rapat jaye to Kishore-Asha
Aaja sanam madhur chandni Lata-Manna De
Aankhon Hi Ankhon Asha - Rafi
Aansoo Bhari Hai Mukesh
Aaoge Jab Tum Sajana â€" Jab We Met Rashid Khan
Aap aye toh khayalle dil Mahendra Kapoor
Aap Ki Aankhon Mein Kuchh - Ghar - Karaoke Lata-Kishore
Aaya Hai Mujhe-Devar Mukesh
Ab Tere Bin Kumar Sanu
Achchha To Hum Lata-Kishore
Adha Hai Chandrama Asha-Mahendra Kapur
Adha Hai Chandrama with long ending
Ae meri zohara jabeen voice Manna De
Ai malik tere bande hum Chorus
Aisi Diwangi Roop Singh
Aja Sanam Madhur Lata-Manna De
Ajeeb dastaan hai ye.mid Lata
Akela hoon main baat ek raat ki Rafi
Akhiya milaoon Udit-Alka
Allah Tero Naam Lata
"A time will come when man will look back and say " Once upon a time, there lived barbarians on this earth who believed in several religions, and they killed their fellow beings in the name of God."
- Download my e-book God in Two Minutes
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Ankhon hi ankhon mein Rafi-Geeta Dutt
Ankhon mein teri ajab si
Ankon hi ankhon mein Rafi-Geeta Dutt
Apni To Jaise Taise - Lawaaris Kishore
Are Re Are Lata-Udit
Awara Hun Mukesh
Awaz Deke Humen Lata-Rafi
Babuji Dheere Chalna Geeta Dutt
Bachna o hasino Kishore
badi mushkil hai W Abhijeet
bahutpyaar.mid Balasubramanium
Bar bar dekho midi Rafi
Bazigar O Bazigar Kumar Sanu
Beqarar karke karaoke Hemant Kumar
Bholi Si Surat Udit-
bin tere sanam Udit-
Chaand phir nikla Lata
Chahunga Main Tuze Rafi
Chaiyan Chaiyan- Dil se Sukhvinder
Chak de
Chal Ri Sajni Ab Kya Soche Mukesh
"God is a concept, an imagination, a 'kalpana'. God is a personification of our own mental energy, both latent and active - the energy that is available within every human being. The concept of God is a method to activate this energy"
- from my eBook God in Two Minutes
Chal Akela Mukesh
Chala jata hun kisiki dhun main Kishore
Chale jaise hawayein
Chalte Chalte Kishore
Chand sitaren phool aur khushboo
Chand Aahen Bharega Mukesh
Chand Sifarish Jo Karta-Fanaa1+ Shaan
Chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu
Chanda O Chanda Kishore-Lata
Chappa chappa karaoke W
Chhod Do Aanchal Kishore-Asha
Chingari Koi Bhadake Kishore
Chookar mere man ko kishore.mid Kishore
Chudavi Ka Chand Rafi
chura liya hai Asha-Rafi
Deewana leke aya hai - Mere jeevan Saathi - Karoake Kishore
Deewana Hua Badaal - Karaoke Rafi
Deewanon Se Ye Mukesh
Dekha na hai re karaoke Kishore

"Religion is a code of conduct, a set of norms related to positive thinking, good social behaviour and good hygiene created for the common man by the ancient learned men. Sometime in the early history of mankind, these rules of behaviour had a marriage of convenience with the concept of God, and religion was born"
- from my eBook God in Two Minutes
Dhan Te Nan Karaoke. Kaminey.
Dheere Se Jana - Chupa Rustam - Karaoke Kishore
Dheere dheere se meri
Dhire Dhire Chal
Didi Tera Dewar
Dil Aaj Shayar Hai Gambler Karaoke Kishore
Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi - Karaoke
Dil jo na keh saka Rafi
Dil Ka Bhanwar - Tere Ghar Ke Samne Karaoke Rafi
Dil kya kare Kishore
Dil To Pagal Hai- Dil to Pagal Hai
Dil Jigar Nazar
Dil Ka Bhanwar Rafi
Dil Le Ke
Dil Tadap Tadap Mukesh
Dil To Paagal
Din Dhal-Jaaye Rafi
do dil mil rahe hain
Doli Me Bithai Ke Amar Prem SD Burman
Dost Dost Na Mukesh
Ehsan Tera Hoga Rafi
Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se - Ajnabee Kishore

"Religion is a baby walker to help man to take the baby steps in the spiritual space. As the baby matures and learns to walk, it needs to discard the walker to run and sprint. Man is not willing to discard this tool, hence unable to advance in the spiritual space"
- from my eBook God in Two Minutes
Ek doosre se karte hai pyar hum
Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si - CKNG Kishore
ek ladki ko dekha.
Ek main or ek tu
ek pyar ka nagma hai Mukesh-Lata
Ek Din Bikjaaega Mukesh
ekajnabi haseena se.mid Kishore
ekpal ka jeena.mid
Gata Rahe Mera Dil (Guide) Kishore-Lata
Ghoongaroo Ki Tarha Kishore
Gori Tera Gaon
Gulaabi aankhen jo teri dekhi Rafi
Gun Guna Rahe Rafi-Lata
Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka - Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi - Karaoke Kishore-Asha
Hai Duniya Usiki - Kashmir Ki Kali Karaoke Rafi
HaiApnaDilTuAwara SolvaSaal-
Hamein To Loot Liya Al Hilal
Har Ghadi Badal
Quotable Quotes from My Blog
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Haule Haule se hawa chalti hai - RAB NE BANA DI JODI
Hawaon pe Likh do Hawaon ke Naam-- Karaoke Kishore
He Ram he ram Jagjit Singh
Honton se chhu lo tum Jagjit Jagjit Singh
Hoton Pe Sachchai patriotic Mukesh
Hum Hain Rahee Pyar Ke - Nau Do Gyarah Kishore
Hum ko Man Ki Shakti_Guddi
Hum To Tere Aashique Hai - Farz Mukesh-Lata
Hum Chal Rahen Mukesh-Lata
Hum Tuzse Mohabbat Mukesh
humbewafaa.mid Kishore
Hume tumse pyaar kitna - kudrat karaoke Kishore
Humko man ki 1
Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena (GUDDI)
Humma Humma - Bombay - Karaoke
Humne Apna Sabkuchh Mukesh
I Love My
Inteha Ho Gayi - Sharaabi - Karaoke Kishore
Itni shakti hamein dena data
Jaane kahan gaye karaoke Mukesh
Jaanejaa Dhoondta - Jawani Diwani Kishore-Asha
Jaaun kahan bataye dil Mukesh
Jab Deep Jale
Jab Koi Baat Biger Kishore
Jabse tere naina mere nainose
Jadu Hai Nasha
Jahan Teri Ye Kishore
jaise suraj ki garmi se tapte hue no mp3
Jane Kahan Gaye Mukesh
Janeman Janeman Tere
Janewalo Zara Mudke Rafi
Jau Kahan Bataye dil Mukesh
jeena yahan marna yahan Mukesh
"I can foresee a world united again, a world where man will not be divided by religion. Religion will be 'scientifically' explained and we will see that there is only one so called 'God' , which is nothing but a power within each one of us. Man will see his folly"
- Download my e-book and read on mobile God in Two Minutes
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Jeevan ke safar mein rahi Kishore
Jeevan se bhari Kishore Karaoke Kishore
jeeye toh jeeye kaise
Jevan ke safar mein rahi Kishore
Jhuki Jhuki si nazar
Jis Dil Mein
Jis Gali Mein Mukesh
Jiya Ho (Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai) Rafi-Lata
Jiya Ho Jiya Rafi-Lata
Jo baat tujhme hai Rafi
Jo baat tujhme hai W Rafi
Jyot Se Jyot Mukesh
Ka Karun Sajani
Ka Karun Sajani
Kabhi Khud Pe - Hum Dono Karaoke
Kabhi Kabhi Mere Mukesh
Kahan se aye
Kahan Tak Ye
Kahin Deep Jale
Kahin Door Jab Mukesh
"Not all actions are results of our conscious decisions. Most actions are driven by the subconscious mind on which we have little control. This insight can help us better understand people and improve relations" - Read about Subconscious Mind...
Kajrare Kajrare
Kal ho na ho Har ghadi badal rahi hai
Kaminey Dhan Te Nan
kanchi re kanchi re Kishore-Lata
kanchi re kanchi re.wma Kishore-Lata
Khaike pan benaras wala Kishore
Khiza Ke Phool Kishore
Khoya Khoya Chand Rafi
kisi ki muskurahaton pe ho nisar - anari. Mukesh
Koi hota jisko apna - Mere Apne Karaoke Kishore
Koi Mil Gaya
Kora kagaz tha ye man mera Kishore-Lata
Kuch Dil ne kaha karaoke
Kuchh na kaho. Kumar Sanu
Kuchh Kuchh Hota Kumar Sanu-Alka Yagnik
Kuchh To Log Kishore
Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya SwarnaSundari Rafi-Lata
Kumar Sanu Sambhala hai maine - Naraaz Karaoke Kumar Sanu
Kyun Chalti Hai Pawan-Kaho Na Pyar Hai
La pila de sakia
Lag ja gale
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Lakhon hai nigah mein Phir wahi dil laya Rafi
Lakhon hai yaha dilwale Mahendra Kapoor
Lakhon Taare Mukesh
LataRafi-Sausaalpahle Rafi-Lata
Le Jayenge Le Kishore
lihkey jo khat tujhey Rafi
Maang Ke Saath
Madhuban Me Radhika Kohinoor Rafi
Mai re main kase kahun Dastak Lata/ Madan Mohan
Mai Jindagi Ka Rafi
Mai To Har Mukesh
main duniya bhula doonga Kumar Sanu-Paudwal
Main Koi aisa Geet Gaoun- Karaoke -Yes Boss Abhijeet
Main nigahein tere chehre se Rafi
Main shayar to nahin Shailendra Singh
Main shayar to nahin W+
Main Zindagi Ka Saath - Hum Dono Karaoke Rafi
Main pal do pal ka Mukesh
Main To Ek khwab hun Mukesh
Main To Tum
Maine Tere Liye Mukesh
Man Tarapat Hari BaijuBawra Rafi
Mana Janab ne Kishore
Mehbooba Mehbooba
Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna- DDLJ
Mehndi Laga Ke
mera naam chin chin chu 12oclock.mid
Mera Joota Hai Mukesh
What is it?
Mera Naam Raju-Jis Desh Mein Mukesh
Mere Dil Mein Kishore
Mere Dil Mein Aaj Kya Hai Kishore
mere khwabon mein jo aye
Mere Mehboob Mr X in Bombay Karaoke Kishore
Mere naseeb mein - Do Raaste - Karaoke Kishore
Mere Sapanon ki rani Kishore
Mere toote hue dil se Mukesh
Mere Hathon Main
Mere Naina Sawan Kishore
Mere Samne Wali Kishore
Meri Bheegi Bheegi Si Kishore
mohabbatein humko hamise churalo.mid
Mubarak Ho Sabko-Milan Mukesh
Mujhe neend na aye Dil
Mujhko Is Raat Mukesh
Mukesh-Duniya Banane Wale-Teesri Kasam Mukesh
Muqabala muqabala
Musafir hoon yaron
Musafir hun yaron W Kishore
Musafir hun yaron.exe Kishore
Muze Duniyawalo Sharabi Rafi
Muzko Is Raat Mukesh
Muzko Yaaro Maaf Mukesh
Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hun Brian Silas
Na tum hamein jano
Na tum hamein jano W
Nakhrewali followed by Beqarar karke
Nakhrewali followed by Beqarar
Nakhrewali followed by Tamil and Beqarar karke
Nakhrewali wo to koi aur thi
Nani Teri Morni Ko mor le gaye Masoom Ranu Mukherji
Neend Na Mujhko nind
Ni Mein Yaar Manana Ni
Nikkmma Kiya Is
Nind Na Mujhko
Nind Na Mujhko
O Door Ke Musafir-Udan Khatola Rafi
O hansini meri hansini Kishore
O jane wale ho sake to Mukesh Track06 Karaoke Mukesh
O Majhi Re- Khushboo Karaoke Kishore
O Mere Dil Ke Chain-Karaoke Kishore
O Mere Majhi Bandini SD Burman
O Mere Sanam correct Mukesh-Lata
O Mere Dil Kishore
O Meri Soni meri tamanna Kishore-Asha
O sathi re Kishore
O Sathi re Muqaddar Ka Siqandar Kishore
O Mehbooba O Mukesh
O Meri Mehbooba
O Sajana Barkha
O Shama Muze
Ohare Taal Mile better Mukesh
Ole Ole Ole Ole Jab Bhi Koi Ladki - Yeh Dillagi - Karaoke
Om shanti om
Om shanti on shanti shanti om
Paan Khaye Saiyan
Paanch rupaiyya Kishore-Asha
Pag Ghoongaroo Bandh Kishore
Pal pal dil ke paas Kishore
Pal pal pal Munna bhai
papa kehte hain
Parda Hai Parda
Pardesi Pardesi jana nahi
Payale Chhunmun Chunmun
pehla nasha pehla khumaar
Phoolon ke rang se - Prem Pujari - Karaoke Kishore
Piya Bin Basia
Piya Tu Ab to Aja
Piya Tu Ab.
Puchho Na Kaise
pukarta chala hun main Rafi
Pyaar Diwana hota hai Kishore Karaoke Kishore
pyar humein kis mod pe le aya Kishore
Pyar Hua Ikrar
Raat baki baat baki no mp3
Raat Kali Ek Kishore
Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar
Ram Kare Aisa Ho Jaaye Mukesh
Ram Kare Aisa Ho Jaaye - Karaoke 128kbps Mukesh
Ramaiya vasta vaiya Rafi-Lata
Ramaiya vasta vaiya stanza with Mukesh Rafi-Lata-mukesh
Rang aur noor ki baraat karaoke Rafi
Rang aur noor ki Rafi Rafi
Rang Barse bheege
Rang Barse bheege
Roja jaaneman
Roop tera Mastana - Aaradhana Karaoke Kishore
Rote hue aate hai sab karaoke Kishore
Ruk ja o janewali Mukesh
Ruk jana o jana - Warrant Kishore
Ruke Ruke Se
Saamne yeh kaun aaya15 Kishore
Saanson ki zarurat hai jaisey
sab kuch sheekha humne Mukesh
Sajanwa Bairi Ho gaye hamar Mukesh
Sama Hai Suhana Suhana-Karaoke Kishore
Satyam shivam sundaram
Shokiyon mein (Duet) Kishore-Lata
Sine Mein Jalan
Sitaron Ki Mehfil - Kaho Na Pyar Hain
so gaya hai sama midi
Sochenge tumhe pyaar
Suhana Safar-Madhumati Mukesh
Suhana Safar Aur + Mukesh
Suhani Raat Dhal Rafi
Sun Mere Bandhu Re Sujata SD Burman
Taj Mahal - Jo wada kiya Rafi-Lata
Tan tana tan tan tan tara Aati kya
Tere bina zindagi se
Tere bina zindagi se- play with -1 tempo W Kishore-Lata
Tere dard se dil abad rahe Karaoke
Tere dard se dil abad rahe W
Tere mere milan ki ye raina Kishore-Lata
Tere mere milan ki ye raina W Kishore-Lata
Tere Mere Sapne Rafi
Teri Duniya Se (Pavitra Papi) Kishore
Teri galiyon mein Rafi
Teri Yaad Dil Se Mukesh
Teri Aankhon Ke Rafi
Teri Nigaho pe mar mar gaye hum Mukesh
Thandi hawa ye chandni karaoke Kishore-Asha
Tu Hi Re - Bombay
tu hi re tu hi re tere bina
Tu mile Dil Khile Criminal
Tu pyaar ka sagar hai Manna De
Tujhe Dekha To Yeh Jaana-DDL
Tujhe Kya Sunau - Aakhri Dao Rafi
Tujhse naraz nahi zindagi
tum bin jeevan Track 5.wma
Tum dil ki Dhadkan mein
Tum itna jo
Tum jo hamare meet na hote Aashiq 1969 Mukesh
tum ko dekha
Tum ko dekha Jagjit
Tum paas aye Kuch kuch hota hai
Tum se hi - Jab We Met
Tum Aa Gaye Ho
Tumhe apna banane ki kasam karaoke
Tumhe Zindagi ke ujale mubarak
Tumko Dekha To Yeh Khayal - js
tumko paya jaise khoya hoon Om Shanti om
Udein Jab Jab Zulfein karaoke Rafi-Asha
Vada Karo Nahin Kishore-Asha
Wafa jinse ki bewafa Mukesh
Waqt Karata Jo Mukesh
Woh Shaam Kucch Ajeeb Thi - Khamoshi karaoke Kishore
Yaad kiya dil ne kahan ho tum
Yaad Mein Teri Rafi-Lata
Yaad Na Jaye. Rafi
Yaar bina chain kahan re no mp3 W
Yaara Sili Sili
Ye Dil Na Hota Bechara (Jewel Theif) Kishore
Ye Jeevan hai - Piya ka Ghar - Karaoke Kishore
Ye Kya Hua (Amar Prem) Kishore
Ye mera deewanapan hai Mukesh
Ye Reshmi Zulfein
Ye Shaam Mastani-Kati Patang no yodling Kishore
Ye Shaam Mastani-Kati Patang with yoddling Kishore
Ye wada karo chandke samane
Ye Jo Mohabbat Kishore
Ye Mera Diwanapan Mukesh
Ye Nayan Dare
Ye Raat Bhigi +
Ye To Kaho Mukesh
Yeh Dil Na Hota Bechara
Yeh Dosti Hum Nahin - Sholay Karaoke Kishore-Manna De
Yeh Raate Yeh Mausam Kishore-Asha
Yeh Raate Yeh Mausam-Dilli Ka Thug Kishore-Asha
Yeh Raate Yeh Mausam-Dilli Ka Thug Kishore-Asha
Yeh Nayan Dare Dare
Yeh Nayan Dare Dare
Zara tasveer se tu nikal kar sanu
Zindagi bher nahi bhooley gi
zindagi ek safar hai suhana. Kishore
zindagi ke safar mein gujar jate hai Kishore
Zindagi Kitni Khoobsurat Bin badal barasat karaoke
Zindagi Ka Safar Kishore
zuban pe dard bhari dastan Mukesh
Zuban Pe Dard Mukesh


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