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Home Page

Home Page
   My Profile and Achievements                   

My Profile

My Profile as a Computer Professional
My Achievements My Achievements as a Project Director and as a CIO
My Client Testimonials Client Appreciation Letters/Testimonials
Appreciation Mails Appreciation eMails from Customers and Users
My IT Strategy Lists my strategy as key focus areas while managing IT for Businesses.
   My Views on God and Religion
Page on God and Religion Main Page on God and Religion
God and Religion - A New Look Summary of the Article "God and Religion - A New Look" published in Sulekha.com. Be ready for a complete overhaul of what you believed in so far.
God and Religion - A New Look Full Article "God and Religion - A New Look". Be ready for a complete overhaul of what you believed in so far.
My Beliefs - Meaning of Life My Views posted in UCS Site on Meaning of Life
My Belief - What is Religion My Views posted in UCS Site on What is Religion
My Beliefs - What is God My Views posted in UCS Site on What is God
Mentomatics - Word Coined by Me Brief write-up on Mentomatics - a word invented by me
Ask Question on God and Religion Ask Questions on any of my views and articles on God and Religion
Answers to Your Questions My Answers to your questions on God and religion
Feedback and  Comments on my Book
Read Review by Editor Editorial Comments on my book God and Religion - A New Look  
Read Reader Comments Reader Comments on my book God and Religion - A New Look  
US Copyright for my Article
Copyright for "God and Religion" Search output of US Copyright site listing my copyright details of my article "God and Religion - A 'Scientific' and Objective Analysis"
   On the Subconscious Mind
What is Subconscious Mind What is Subconscious Mind and how does it affect our behaviour
Subconscious Mind - The Software Programming within Humans Subconscious Mind is like the software in a computer. It is this which differentiates one human from the other.
Paradigms and Subconscious Mind What do paradigms have to do with the subconscious mind? What is a Paradigm?
   My Computer Articles

Views, Articles on Computer Tech

My views and articles on computers published in Leading Magazines

Key Success Factors

Article by me on Key Success Factors that led to the delivery of all software projects in time. This was a record by me in a SEI Level 5 software company. This article was published in company magazine
People Aspects of Information Technology How I handled my team, particularly the strength of people, to deliver all software projects on time. This article describes the key success factors.

Indian Computing Issues

My article published in 'Computers Today' which lists the issues involved with Top Management, User departments and IT departments while implementing software 

Business Benefits of IT

My article published in 'Times of India' which describes, with example of my project, how a software application can be designed to contribute to Business rather than designed with mundane work automation objective. 

My Successful Computerisation

Article on My Successful computerisation published in 'Computers Today'

Article on ERP

Article by me Published in 'ERP Journal' 
Camble's Rambles (Software Support Strategy) Golden rules for software support
How To Leapfrog Into The Information Era By Changing Our Machine Age Mindset The psychology of Change from Machine age mindset to Information age. (Full article)
From Machine Age to information Age The psychology of Change from Machine age mindset to Information age. (Summary)
CEOs Need to Drive an IT Consumer Forum CEOs need to look at the interests of IT Users. All is not well for the IT User and there is a need to have an Consumer Forum for IT Users
Need for IT Consumer Forum There should be a IT Consumer Forum to protect the rights of IT Users
List of Titles in my Blog List of titles at my blog http://premkamble.wordpress.com  
Articles on Management
Rules of Effective Meetings or Group Discussions How to conduct effective meetings, group discussions or Brain storming sessions.
Goal Orientation Goal Orientation for Personal Effectiveness
Indians! Wake up to Quality Need for Quality Awareness - Why Indians have got used to mediocrity and they need to demand quality

List of Other Articles

List of my articles published


My Top Management Seminars

List and summary of my Seminars for Top Professionals


My Sketches

Sketches done by me in Pencil and Pen
Songs by Me Videos in YouTube of songs sung by me
My Music Collection List of Mainly Hindi and few Marathi songs in my Windows Media Player

Other Pages
My IT Strategy Lists the key focus areas while managing IT for Businesses.
Sign My Guestbook You can sign my guestbook
View My Guestbook You can view the comments posted by other visitors in by guestbook
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